Who We Are

We are a tight-knit team of designers, architects, and CG artists based in Auckland. The city’s lush landscapes, beaches, and native rainforests are an invaluable source of energy and creativity for us.

Archviz is our passion. We love constructing high-quality renders to visualise unbuild projects. What we do is bring projects to life before a single brick is laid.

We have a talented team whose creativity has no bounds or limits and we apply this philosophy to each of our client’s projects.
We are artists and Archviz specialists who love architectures, design and pushing the bounds of creativity. We welcome challenging unique projects that requires chartering unorthodox territory.

Our team are nimble and experienced with a range of projects, from single dwellings to high rise buildings.

Archviz, 3D visualising, and computer-generated imagery is rapidly evolving. We use the latest techniques and leading industry standards to ensure the visualisation of your project is true to life.


We are always eager to meet new talents. If you wish to join our team as a full-time 3D artist or freelancer working remotely, contact us and send us your portfolio via [email protected]

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